Operation Bayonet

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth



  • After Scarlett and Violet returned from Lancewood Archipelago, Scarlett was stuck in a sullen and moody funk.
  • Nathan Earlywine took over the city council, and locked down the Earth datalink.
  • A number of revelations came to light, placing Sente Kiteway in jail.
  • Despite all of Earlywine's best efforts at controlling things, The Third Power (particularly Combed Thunderclap) were still communicating between Earth and the City.
  • Thus, Kurt took the blame for not properly regulating the firewall. Consequently, he found himself on a 'non-voluntary vacation'.
  • Meanwhile, the Kiteway house was broken into and trashed.
  • Violet and Scarlett were considering new ways to investigate. The thinking (at the time) was that a newspaper reporter may have been responsible, and was looking for story leads or evidence against the erstwhile academy Master.
  • Scarlett volunteered to go The Sentinal and meet with Iona Rodie and others, to see if she could learn anything about who might have done it.
  • Unbeknownst to the girls, however, the intruder was a member of The Third Power, who had found evidence linking Scarlett the The Cube theft.
  • Scarlett was kidnapped while at the Sentinel.
  • Scarlett's disappearance had many effects on the conclave.
  • Violet was besought with grief, feeling utterly helpless.
  • Kurt delved into her rescue (having no actual job to mind at the moment)
  • Caine appeared to be utterly, completely, cluelessly lost -- but riding high on his band's sudden fame.
  • Kurt contacted Helena Frye, who let him in on all her plans.
  • This afforded us the ability to (finally) see what the police have been doing for the past year.


  • The Operation date was scheduled for 30-JAN-07.
  • The raid began as 7:00 PM GMT, and was neatly concluded by 9:15 PM GMT.

Operation Bayonet summary:

Other details:

  • As the assault team was going in, they met with Caine, who just happened to be in the neighborhood.
  • A mystery message was picked up by Kurt's key:
Form the layer. Find the era. Follow the Way. Find the Cube.
  • The meaning is quite unclear at this time.


  • After the raid:
    • Leads and information, as gathered during the raid, led to a sweep of 3P arrests across the city.
    • Caine was arrested on a hunch by Violet


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The Third Power

They are an ancient society of very secret intentions. Pietro Salk tipped the ice-berg, and it cost him his life. The Police has brought them to their knees during Operation Bayonet, but they have been around a long time, and they aren't likely to be stopped so easily. They have Operatives on Earth, as well is in Perplex City. V appears to be a #2 man, but who does #2 work for?

Anthony Granier | V | Roberto Solitano | Caine Johansson | Miranda Katsoulis | Unnamed operatives on Earth


To Prevent And Detect

Perplex City's Finest: The Perplex City Police Department! Police Chief Eoin Morgan runs a tight office. Media leaks almost never happen, and the bad guys are always caught. Right? Helena Frye seems to be one of the good guys (nevermind rumors to the contrary).