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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

File System: http://www.hesh-intranet.com/heshencrypted/file_system.php

Password: s3cur1tyh0l3

People of some interest are bolded.

Name Title Dept. Office Facts and Public Files

A.J. Steward Producer Production 211

Abby Akiyama Sales Rep Sales 306

Adam Iovino Tech Intern Technology 409 4 6.gif

Aisha Velasquez Sales Intern Sales 308

Alex Cantwell Sales Rep Sales 306 Ivy.jpg

Anastasia Hotaling Producer Production 210

Angelica Song Tech Support Technology 406

Ann Marie Juste Production Assistant Production 203 "Working toward a degree in the performing arts at Marmalejo College. I'm on the Dean's List for the last marking period! Still single, so if you know of any cute girls my age, please pass on my info."

Bobby Giacomo Sound Engineer Production 201 "I mix. I party. I like cards." 2 0.gif Timmy2.jpg

Brian Wildwood Bookkeeper Management 707 Possible relationship to Margaret Wildwood

Bridgit Lilja Directory Technology Technology 405 "I'm a Hesh lifer, working my way up from a junior office assistant when I was still in school. My philosophy is that my team is responsible for making sure that every single employee and musician at Hesh has the tools to do their job effortlessly, if possible before they know they need it."

4 0.gif

Brody Pulverton Sales Intern Sales 308

Cab Jaffar Assistant to CEO Management 701 Personal attendant of the CEO, and a bit full of himself.

Caroline Swifte Senior Sales Rep Sales 301 File:BabyInfo.doc

Chantal Fallon Research Assistant Research 402

Charles Specht Tech Support Technology 407 "I'm Charles, or Charlie if you want, and I was in charge of rewriting the technical support system. It has multiple redundant database connections to make sure the relay distribution routing servers never fail to get you support accurately and on time. At least that's what I tell people."

Chirwa Yao Publicity Associate Marketing 603 1 6.gif

Cliff Wilson Producer Production 208 "Discipline is the only force that can hold together a creative inner life."

Colin Clivedon Sound Engineer Production 208

Cyrus Quinton Sound Engineer Production 209 Worked with Roll for Damage as an engineer. Member of the Third Power. Purchasereq.pdf

Daniel Moore Talent Scout Acquisitions 506 3 5.gif

Denton Amroliwallah Sales Rep Sales 307

Destiny Bouza Office Assistant Management 102

Dotti Carrick Producer Production 210 Possible relation to Academy Founder Catherine Carrick;
"You all know I'm the CRAZIEST girl at Hesh -- but really I'll just do anything for a laugh. What's life without a little fun in it?"
public file: Robbery.doc

Effie Bowery Production Assistant Production 201

Elaine Itkin Talent Assistant Talent 103

Elida Domingo Production Assistant Production 207

Estelle Meadow Sound Engineer Production 202 "Hates cats, the color orange, and "getting up at 3am because inspiration struck someone else a little too hard""

Fabio Brice Production Assistant Production 206 Hairtoy.jpg

Fay Ueda Talent Assistant Talent 105 Lily.jpg

Georgia Wang Producer Production 209 "I recently came into Hesh after a long freelance career working with independent artists. I've thankfully learned that at Hesh, joining a big business enterprise doesn't mean giving up on individual creativity. There are chocolates on my desk, stop by and say hi anytime."

Grace Mai-Wan Talent Scout Acquisitions 505 Possible relation to Amber Mai-Wan
"Focusing on some of the outlying suburbs, there's a hot scene developing out in Gladstone. If anyone has a contact with Bryan Fa-Chen, shoot me a note."

Hack Sumner Sales Rep Sales 304 "In my experience there's only one thing worse than losing a sale. Losing two sales. Get it?"

Hannibal Forrest Director Finance Management 703 Director of Finance - Prior experience includes senior director at Muniz Securities and financial consultant at the PCBC

Harlan Mrouka Art Designer Marketing 602 "When you are in love it fills every moment, every thought, it colours every perception so light is brighter and sound is clearer and taste is sweeter and all the world seems a better place -- but never without you, and now you are gone, and so is the light in my world." -- Perplexian author Conrad Stanton

1 1.gif

Hazel Coldbone Office Manager Management 101 Office manager. Public file: June12.rtf 0 10.gif

Heather Mou Tech Intern Technology 409 Public file: Test.pl

Hector Basinyi Publicity Associate Marketing 604

Helix Hesh President & CEO Management 701 The Big Guy.

Ian Fowler Talent Liaison Talent 107 Eye.jpg

Jack Rowe-Favel Director Sales Sales 302 "Olivia's got big news for you -- see her new profile for the info. She said I wasn't allowed to say. :P" (Olivia refers to Olivia Panza, below)

Jason Khama Publicity Associate Marketing 604

Jay Sharp Talent Scout Acquisitions 507 PDRM0060.jpg

Jenna Fitzgibbon Talent Concierge Production 213 "If anyone knows a good place to get quality catering around here at midnight, can you please say? We're stuck with the Crispy Heaven on the corner for right now."

Jill Towers Senior Sales Rep Sales 303 Public file: Henry lily and alan.jpg

Title: "Henry lily and alan.jpg" - Possible connection to Henry Castille and Allain Castille?

Jinhing McGovern Sound Engineer Production 206

John Catrini Talent Concierge Production 213 "If you can't find me, check in the storage room on the fourth floor. There's a good spot there for napping."

2 17.gif

Josh Woodman Producer Production 211 "RFD five-time survivor (and counting). When can I be off the hook?"

Kahan Aceta Production Assistant Production 204 "Come on, let's bring back the black-leaf tea in the second floor break room! The guys on the seventh floor get it, and we work just as hard. Sign my petition on the refrigerator to get our tea back! We deserve it for putting up with the talent and all of their %$#*!"

Kai Cinelli Media Liaison Marketing 601 Media liason; appears in the Sentinel now and then.

Kamal Amicus Talent Liaison Talent 106

Kanyama Milling Publicity Associate Marketing 603

Keith Mather Personnel Associate Management 706

Kendra Mikkelstrom Talent Assistant Talent 105

Kevin Allbright Tech Support Technology 408 "Look out for the old' black and red game days -- support may be a bit lagged when a game is on, but you should know better than to try to work during a match anyway. GO DAEMONS!"

4 3.gif

Khamila Santerino Sales Rep Sales 304

Kimberly Bowen Director Legal Management 704 Director of Legal; PCAG 8th place finisher in 237; Member of the City Council's Public Arts Committee.

Kitty Franke Producer Production 208 "A little bit of drums. A pinch of guitar. Add some vocals. What have you got? Nothing, that's right. There is no formulae for music. Some people need to get that into their heads."

Lexy Kozinn Sound Engineer Production 204 "Loves: Tokei, harbonnes, Alchemy Bay. Hate: The Sentinel, crowds, Aurora B."

Lin Applebaum Research Assistant Research 403 Possible connection to Skip Applebaum

"Graduated Academy in 256, interned with Cognivia in their sensory perception team until January. Awards won include the Harrow Young Innovation Prize, an Adamek Scholarship, and the Cognivia quarterly employee prize. Co-authored a paper on the uses of audible rhythms for influencing biological functions."

Lulu Hayashi Talent Assistant Talent 104

Madeline Hogan Tech Intern Technology 409

Marissa Tam Talent Scout Acquisitions 502 "Hey guys, we're on the lookout for the next hot thing. After Viard's controversy, we gotta get something new out in the city. Lemme know if you catch anyone fresh and funky in any bars. There might even be a drink in it for you."

3 1.gif

Martina Juul Director Personnel Management 701 Dealt with health issues in late 2005/early 2006, but is better
Public file: Zucchini-tomato.jpg

Maureen Licata Production Assistant Production 202

Mike Starter Bookkeeper Management 707 Public file: Timmy1.jpg

Namir Copperbright Talent Assistant Talent 103 Public file: PackingList.xls

Narendra Mott Talent Scout Acquisitions 503

Nat Taylor Tech Intern Technology 409

Nawar Spinner Sales Rep Sales 305 "You may know me as just another suit, but I've got the groove in my heart and someday Helix will give me a chance. When that day comes, I'll be so hot, Alejo is going to look like a guttering match in the darkness. Mark my words!"

Nicola Chao Sound Engineer Production 203 "I'm blunt, got my feet on the ground, honest, and loyal. I like to argue. I'm open to new ideas, but I'm not afraid to call it like I see it. I think my heart is in the right place."

Olivia Panza Producer Production 207 "We're getting married in May! I asked Jack and he said yes. We will of course be inviting all of you, and thanks for putting up with us during some of the awkward moments that brought us here!"

2 6.gif

Pat Srisai Talent Scout Acquisitions 501 3 0.gif

Pippi Carrick Production Assistant Production 205 Possible relation to Academy Founder Catherine Carrick
"I've been obsessed with music since I was five, when my parents started me on piano lessons. Since that time, I've been a producer and performer on a dozen albums and I've played easily a hundred gigs at parks and clubs. I'm more into the production side than the performing, though -- helping other people to execute their creative vision. Collaboration is the best path to great art."

Rachel Matsubashi Office Assistant Management 102

Rico Garrett Producer Production 211 "Just a portal through which my artists can reach their own creative vision. My place is to facilitate, not to influence."


Rock Velasquez Sales Intern Sales 308 Public file: PDRM0111.jpg

Roger Oriol Sound Engineer Production 205 "I'm a weirdo and a philanthropist, an artist and a gardener. I go out of my way to make life more interesting for myself and those around me. I collect interesting conversations and sculptures of cats. I like animals. I detest being alone. I prefer to think in the dark."

Ron Eggby Research Intern Research 403 Public file: Invader.jpg

Sanjay Chandler Talent Assistant Talent 104

Sarah Gladstone Talent Concierge Production 213 "'Get me fifty baskets of chocolates,' he sez. C'mon, what would YOU have done?"

Shana Prouset Tech Intern Technology 409 "In and out for the next few months finishing up my course of study at Edyta. My hours are subject to change, so don't count on anything more than two weeks out."
Alejo Publicity.jpg 4 4.gif

Simon Tailfeather Personnel Associate Management 706

Skip Hammersmith Producer Production 207 2 7.gif

Stephanie Mou Publicity Associate Marketing 603 Solstice bash notes, and employee guests; both of which pertain to the Gyvann's Day company party at Club Below. Her password is "heather".

Tenisha Karabo Art Designer Marketing 602 Is an Archer, and based on quotes in her profile ("I follow the light of the Cube, and I'll be happy to share it with any of you, if you only ask. Gyvann smile on us all."), is a member of the Brotherhood of the Six, or possibly a Reconstructionist.

Tess Laterand Talent Liaison Talent 106

Thabiso Campbell Art Designer Marketing 602 Is an Archer, and based on quotes in her profile ("I follow the light of the Cube, and I'll be happy to share it with any of you, if you only ask. Gyvann smile on us all."), is a member of the Brotherhood of the Six, or possibly a Reconstructionist.

1 3.gif

Umarah Bell Sales Rep Sales 305

Veronica Nuru Research Director Research 401 "Current projects: cognitive enhancement, improving aural fidelity at lower volumes, sonic mood elevation. Come see me if you know anybody who would like to participate as a research subject, small stpind available, trials ongoing."

Victor Woolford Sales Intern Sales 308

Wendel Marron Research Assistant Research 402 "The research group is starting a running game of Pyramid Monday nights at Brain Benders right around the corner, open to all comers. Let me know if you want in."
The Dress.gif

Will Jamison Talent Scout Acquisitions 504

Woody Denechak Producer Production 212

Yoshi Reyes Office Assistant Management 102

Yusef Park Director Marketing Management 705