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That's the date! That's what happened!
3rd Apr '05 Scarlett spills juice on Violet's bag and asks her dad to email Vi on her behalf because she's a scaredy-cat. Gripping stuff! (via Leaked E-mails.)
7th April '05 Emails exchanged between Term@830 and Term@620 regarding a drink and flirting. Probably these are two crypto kids as this is found through the Crypto Backdoor. Links to email here. No idea who this is yet.
24th April '05 Bernardo Holyoke, owner of the Five of Cups bar and one of the Cube Thieves, is murdered by V (leader of the conspiracy) in a violent struggle. Holyoke had been tasked with stealing and/or hiding high-tech equipment (including Klebold Plates and Reynolds Ionizers stolen from the Academy, but had been selling some of it off on the side to make a profit.
25th April '05 Bernardo is found dead at the establishment by fellow employees around 10am. Helena Frye takes charge of the investigation! With determination! Bernardo's widow, Jessica Holyoke, has fled, transferring all her assets to the Reconstructionists, moving to their compound and changing her name to Kostka. Tom Cruise would be proud. (Link)
27th Apr '05 V and his boss exchange emails regarding V's recent murder of Bernardo Holyoke, with the boss expressing his general satisfaction at proceedings. (via Leaked E-mails.) Link here.
28th Apr '05 Violet famously speculates on an audio program that her dad was responsible for stealing the Cube, describing him as a "a power-hungry psychopathic megalomaniac." Exactly our kind of thinking, eh? (Link)
6th May '05 Monica Grand, Cube Thief, first contacts Pietro Salk, under the pseudonym The Advisor. She's shaken by the killing of one of her co-conspirators, fears she will be next, and wants to give her story to the police (via The Sentinel) in exchange for immunity. She provides Pietro, a leading investigative reporter at the Sentinel, with insider information regarding the equipment hidden at the Five of Cups, in order to prove her credentials as a source. (Salklogs.doc#The_Logs transcript)
10th May '05 The police, acting on the tip-off, discover the hidden equipment. (Sentinel article) Pietro replies to Monica confirming that her information was accurate, and enquiring as to her story. She reveals the truth: that her and Bernardo Holyoke were both part of the Cube Theft gang.
15th May '05 Pietro and Monica meet, for precisely one minute, around 7am. She tells him that they were hired help in the raid, and that the Third Power were behind it.
17th May '05 Pietro tries to get into the Reconstructionist compound, but has no luck - they seem to recognise who he is.
20th May '05 Pietro notes that "I just bloody wish I could go to the police. This is too big, I just don't have the resources I need to figure this out on my own." For a journalist, this is quite a high-quality problem.
24th May '05 Pietro's investigations continue. It appears he's mainly having to work this out on his own, as he can't reach an agreement with "The Advisor" over immunity, etc. She mainly gets in touch to provide unhelpful pointers. He notes: "Memo: Makes no sense. Cubeheads want the Cube, of course. But then why would H have had to be *hired* to steal it? Can't have been hired by his wife, surely? By the Cubeheads? TA will not say. Says it is too dangerous."
Violet, meanwhile, attends a PXC Historical Society meeting about local pre-history, mentioning the mysterious portal-archway-things in the Catbite region. (Link) Today (or shortly before) Jessica Holyoke is traced to the Reconstructionist compound. Due to the icy relations between the cult and the Perplex City authorities, police are unsure how to proceed -they want to interview Jessica, but don't want to risk a direct confrontation. (Link)
25th May '05 Having seen the previous day's Sentinel article, Monica Grand contacts Pietro to tell him to abandon his Reconstructionist leads and concentrate on the Third Power. After some debtate, he agrees to start over and do more research at the Academy.
26th May '05 Pietro finds someone at a Recon produce market who claims to know Jessica Holyoke and offers to put him in contact with her for 100 Lecks...
27th May '05 ...unfortunately, this doesn't turn out to be money well spent. No news.
28th May '05 Pietro and "The Advisor" (now better known to us as Monica Grand) continue to communicate. She shows him a record of a bank transfer showing she recieved a copious amount of money in return for her work on the Theft.
31st May '05 Violet is livid that the Police are afraid of confronting the Recons! So, inquisitive scamp that she is, she actually visits the Reconstructionist compound. She just gets the standard guided tour, though, and doesn't get anywhere near Jessica Holyoke.
1st June '05 Monica tells Pietro that V is most dangerous because he's "a true believer." Then she reveals he's been stalking him and his wife, Sylvia Salk, to ensure he isn't double-crossing her. He is rather displeased to hear this.
4th June '05 Pietro and Monica make up. Psychosexual tension ratchets up another notch.
7th June '05 Pietro and Monica speculate on what the Cube actually does. Monica speculates it's some kind of superweapon. Pietro neglects to let her steal his uberweapon, if you see what I'm saying.
9th June '05 2.30am: Monica returns to her apartment, having been somewhere. We don't why she left or where she went.
10th June '05 Sanjean Adamek emails the Kiteway sisters inviting them over for tea. But Violet declines, saying she has a "big project" that she's working on. (via Leaked E-mails.)
By which she means: that day she's actually been back to the Reconstructionists with Kurt, broken into their secret chamber, swapped one of their Keys with one of Kurt's older models and nicked it. Then in the evening she goes out to a poker bar, called Bullets and wins "six months worth of rent." (See here and here.) (By way of contrast, today I edited a wiki.)
Meanwhile, Monica is going a bit nuts with not leaving her apartment for quite some time, and rants to Pietro about it. She's lonely, Pietro, and a woman has needs.
11th June '05 Monica starts really flipping out and asks Pietro to come and meet her in the bright light of day, to have a coffee in the Ascendancy Point atrium like "normal people." Pietro is like "yo, WTF?" She goes on about neuroinhibitors and never having a life she was really interested in, before seeing sense and going back to her apartment. That night, she sends him info about the backdoor hack into her apartment's heat sense system. "Just in case." Comforting words.
12th June '05 Monica and Pietro discuss alternative careers. Pietro would like to have worked on the Mimasan Maze. Monica had a thing for the Rudon forest and would liked to have worked with trees. It takes all sorts, eh?
13th June '05 Kurt manages to pull a file off the illicitly obtained Recon key, and Violet sends it to us (see here.) We decrypt it, and as is traditional send the results to absolutely everybody we can think of, including Sente. Sneaky, we ain't. The decrypt reveals that several prominent city figures are Reconstructionists, including Cube Retrieval team member Aiko Entrescore.

Pietro tells Monica he's found some information about the Third Power, only to say that "I don't think it can be them. It's not what they would do." Monica can't give him any substantive evidence by key, so Pietro suggests they meet.

14th June '05 Sente urgently contacts Anna Heath, having just learnt that Aiko is a Reconstructionist. Despite Anna's protestations, he turns over the evidence to the cops. Anna turns to Roberto Solitano to discuss the matter. (via Leaked E-mails.)

Pietro and Monica have an apparently idle conversation about favourite trees, but are secretly arranging a meeting place. Monica spuriously declares she's going camping overnight, which is a bit odd. It seems things are all arranged though, because...

15th June '05 We learn that Aiko has been arrested as a suspect in the Cube Theft. (Link) Violet gets all pissy, but calms down a little two days later.
16th June '05 ...they meet! Apart from, they don't, because Monica spots a "dark-skinned man, knew how to handle himself, sitting in a leather armchair near to the cluster of birch trees" at the meeting point, assumes it's Pietro's minder and aborts the meetup. She rails on Pietro for this, but he denies knowing anything about it, and she seems to come around to the idea that it was all paranoia. Pietro comments to himself that this is starting to feel like an affair.
17th June '05 Pietro notes to himself: "It's got to be the Recons, it's got to be. How does Aiko Entrescore tie into all of this? Was she in on it, just not on the same team?"
18th June '05 Monica confides in Pietro that he's the only person in the whole city that she can talk to.
19th June '05 Pietro decides it's time to end the whole charade once and for all - he and Monica will go the Police together and tell them everything they know. In the end, Monica agrees to meet him at the Joya's wedding at Ascendancy Point on the Solstice, 21st June.
20th June '05 Aiko is released from police custody without charge, after a judge, Erik Hornblair, rules there is insufficient evidence to detain her for any longer. Police chief Eoin Morgan diplomatically calls the situation "ridiculously suspicious." Aiko does not return to work, but goes to chill out a bit at the Recon compound. Artists: so tempramental, eh?
Pietro is attacked with a neuroinhibitor and lapses into a coma before he has a chance to meet Monica as planned. His wife, Sylvia Salk, finds him collapsed in his study.
22nd June '05 Pietro Salk emerges briefly from his coma to create an elaborate and convoluted maze.
26th June '05 Pietro finally dies in hospital.
28th June '05 Pietro's funeral / memorial is held.
29th June '05 Violet returns from a camping holiday on the plains, but we've no idea how long she was there for (potentially as early as the 17th.)
6th July '05 Violet is moody and, on the walk home, felt like someone was watching her.
8th July '05 Kurt launches his Earth-eyes-only weblog, The Path Of Least Time.
14th July '05 (assumed) Audio recording from the Backdoor puzzle. Karen is talking about a package that was delivered but wasn't on the manifest that she signed. It is about 5 feet by 3 feet and thin like a painting. She mentions Cambden doesn't seem to trust her. (note: not sure who she is talking to at this point.)
22nd July '05 A young, weird guy comes to the library and proceeds to bug Violet about accessing 'ancient documents related to the Brotherhood'. Almost certainly Allain.
25th July '05 Karen reports that the package she mentioned before is now gone. She mentions she has a lunch date with a tech guy the next day. Turns out it was Kurt. Audio from the Backdoor puzzle here.
26th July '05 Kurt has a lunch date with a "girl from Crypto." Fancy! Guess what? The date was with Karen who Kurt almost a year identifies as the girl on the audio files from the Backdoor puzzle.
29th July '05 Aiko stares down Violet when they bump into each other at the Academy. Ice cold! (Interesting to note that Aiko is not yet back working as a puzzle scribe.)

Kurt, meanwhile, is amused by the thought that we'd assume he was doing the humpty-bumpty with Violet.

2nd Aug '05 PCAG season opening ceremony! Kurt writes about it here. "Violet and I lay back on the grass and looked up at the stars..." You said it, dude, not me.
23rd Aug '05 Dinner! Sente, Scarlett & Brede and Violet & Kurt have a nice friendly meal as Scarlett is about to leave on her hiking trip for Tanagra. Then Violet delivers an arch Cube-related smackdown with her dad and a fierce row ensues, as Vi is yet to notice that SHE ISN'T EVEN THE TEENAGE DAUGHTER, DAMMIT.
31st Aug '05 Kurt has a rather insightful discussion with "Boardman" at the Cube research labs.
2nd Sept '05 Violet apologises to her dad, and magically, if somewhat implausibly, makes a big resolution to devoting all her efforts to finding the Cube. She continues to try and track down the Third Power book the Earthlings asked for - it's all water-damaged, but she's having it sent over anyway.
7th Sept '05 Violet, Kurt, Von and a couple of Violet's friends head out to Ascendancy Point for some classic movies and dinner. In the process of arranging it, Kurt is yet again forced to remind people that he isn't going out with Violet. (via Leaked E-mails.)

And yet interestingly, Kurt claims that he was out running that evening, "forgot something", met up with his friend Leo and then got talking about the Academy security systems. Leo posits that to break through the protcols would require at least two "genuises" and that "THINK BOTH MUST HAVE HAD INSIDE INFO DANGER TO SAY MORE." Coward.

8th Sept '05 Garnett and Caine, from the Cube Retrieval Team, go out for drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. We know this because... (via Leaked E-mails.)
9th Sept '05 A very hungover Caine emails a smugly sober Garnet regarding their exploits from the night before. (via Leaked E-mails.) It's Violet's birthday today too, we think. Naturally, she sees Kurt and then does some gambling. Not that she'll take a gamble on Kurt, if you know what I mean.
16th Sept '05 Madness ensues today. Shortly before 9am, V murders Monica Grand in her Ascendancy Point apartment. Almost as soon as he leaves, Sylvia Salk arrives to find her on the edge of death. "We never held it", says Monica, then dies.

Sylvia Salk is now totally freaked out, and unable to cope decides to take her own life, joing her late husband Pietro Salk in the great beyond. Cassandra from Earth emails Violet about all this, who races round to Sylvia Salk's place and finds her unconscious from an overdose. Fortunately, she calls the emergency services and Sylvia is saved, and quite glad she's not dead to boot. She says thanks, by the way. Violet spends quite a lot of the next week with her (see here and once again makes empty, hollow promises about getting The Book.). Meanwhile, Kurt reveals that analysis of the PXC-Earth datalink have shown increased activity, indicating that there are nefarious extra elements communicating between the two worlds.

19th Sept. '05 02 the 3P agent for london checks in with 01. [1]
21st Sept '05 Scarlett checks in from her Tanagra hike, describing it as beautiful and tiring to her dad and sister. (via Leaked E-mails.)
23rd Sept '05 Caine paints the statues in the Founder's Gallery yellow. Von is most amused, and Aiko has to remind him to go home and get the paint off his fingers. Meanwhile Tippy is busy manipulating [[Von] to go out and buy her coffee, to Anna's chagrin. She tries to get Kurt to get the boy to stand up for himself. (via Leaked E-mails.)
24th/25 Sept. '05 (or possibly 01 Oct. '05) Through the crypto Backdoor recordings, Karen has more to say about the deliveries to her department, she hasn't noticed anything odd lately but she has noticed hush-hush correspondance with quantum encryption using the word "Viendenbourg" and references to the "material." Not much else other than a protest is happening at the Museum while she records this message.
29th Sept '05 Sente emails his assistant Patrick Azadian, chasing a status report from the Centre for Reality Research, an agenda for a PCAG meeting that day and a budget proposal from Estelle Sedgewick. Azadian replies the first is forthcoming, the second is sorted, and reccommends contacting Robert Solitano regarding the budget. Sente asks to try and schedule a meeting with him that day, and also that he made need Patrick to stay late that day as "CS is looking for a financial report." Patrick cancels his raquetball appointment with Garnett. However, the CS financial report seems to be a ruse, because he then asks Lyssa Ling to attend a special meeting of the puzzle scribes. (via Leaked E-mails.)
3rd Oct '05 Caine steals Tippy's stapler, the utter bastard. (via Leaked E-mails.)
6th Oct '05 Violet finally heads over over to the central archives to meet her friend Cumber and gets her hands on The Book! Sadly, it's been nearly ruined, but she's confident that Kurt will be able to get something out of it and promises to swing by tommorrow.
7th Oct '05 And that's exactly what happens. Ah, they're such a great team...

Meanwhile, Tippy asks Garnett out for dinner and he abruptly turns her down. Then she asks everyone else on the puzzle scribe team out for a wild partying session instead. Von notices she didn't invite Garnett, Tippy disparages Garnett, and Aiko unleashes a deserved smackdown. She's loyal to Garnett because he looked after her when she was arrested. (via Leaked E-mails.)

10th Oct. '05
3P Agents 02, 05 and 07 talk about V and his bad mood stemming from his boss at work, which we later find out is Hesh Records where he is a recording engineer. 
11th Oct '05 Violet observes that the pages of The Book which mention the Third Power are a lot more water-damaged than the ones that don't. "Creepy, huh?" We're inclined to agree.
12 Oct.'05 Mass emails sent to the 3P agents from V announces that both unstable links ([[Bernard Holyoake and Monica Grand) have been eliminated. These emails were found through the 3PGroupWareManager found during the live event. An example of the mass email ishere in the email exchange between V and 02. Note that 02 questions leaving the fourth member of the Cube theft team - which we later find out is Claire Castille- alive. V replies: "I am unconvinced that the risk of exposure would be worth the gain in security. " but she will be eliminated when he thinks the time is right.
18th Oct. 05 02 advises V that he has made contact and "got in deep" with that one, he sends something to V. here
19th Oct '05 Violet delivers some first quotes from The Book, and not a moment too soon. The Third Power is described as one of the Cube's "guardian cults" in the period immediately following the war.
27th Oct '05 Violet posts some symbols from The Book. Stirring stuff, eh?
1st Nov '05 Finally, Violet has some more dirt from The Book on The Third Power, suggesting it has deep roots at the Academy. She's also working hard on the War Exhibit.
7th Nov '05 Kurt chimes in with his take on restoring information from The Book: "all my copious spare time is being consumed by Violet's latest crazy project." Only because you love her, Kurty-boy.
9th Nov '05 Violet posts the final instalment from The Book, a list of implausibly famous characters from PXC history who the author claims were members of the Third Power. But Aiko remembers she's seen the 3P Symbol somewhere - specifically, in Sanjean Adamek's house...
12th (or 13th) Nov '05 Kurt visits the War Exhbit with his current crush, Sarah. She goes "all quiet" when he mentions his investigations with Violet and then is decidedly non-committal about seeing him again. Lesson: Talking a lot about your totally great not-girlfriend is a losing tactic.
22nd Nov '05 Long time no see, Violet! She's been pokering about again, visited her uncle Sanjean Adamek and confirmed that the Third Power symbol is definitely in his house, and that it was put there by the original builder, Anthony Granier and that Aiko had, in fact, turned up at some point previously to take photos of it. Fortunately Granier is famous and prolific diarist, and she tried to get access to the rarest original ones. No deal - you need to be a published researcher to access them.
28th Nov '05 Six days later, Violet loses patience and hits us over the head by telling us to WRITE A DAMN BOOK, ALREADY.
29th Nov '05 Violet is totally grossed by Cymbalisty's slimyness (she needed him to sign forms regarding her [http://www.quirkyacuity.com/archives/2005/11/my_visit_to_unc.html accreditation re: the Granier business) and tells Kurt about it, asking him out for a drink before dinner. (via Leaked E-mails.)
1st Dec '05 Kurt says he's been getting a lot of mail about subway stations and ceremonies. He sends us eager Cube Hunters to the Brotherhood Of The Six for the information we need...
6th Dec '05 Violet reports that Jason & Miranda, aka The Ominous Librarians, have started working at the Library. She fails to notice that they should probably be pushed under the nearest subway train ASAP, for everyone's safety. Kurt muses randomly, and also notes having spotted a rogue reporter from The Sentinel over by the Cube Research labs that day. Huh?
14th Dec '05 Violet briefs us on the latest happenings: Isaac Cymbalisty is all over Miranda like a rash, but she's still dating Kurt and it's going very well, and she's mulling over making a move on Jason, despite the fact that he just so happens to be "really interested" in the "manuscript stuff", OMFG RUN, VIOLET, RUN!
16th Dec '05 Our "trust no-one" attitude doesn't seem to have much traction in Perplex City - Kurt writes about taking Miranda out to the Finnegan/Johnson PCAG match, with a nasty headcold.