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This page is intended to list people of particular note. It should be modified as new characters are added


Sente Kiteway

The great mind of the Academy, and the man behind this whole puzzle card Idea. Violet and Scarlett's dad.

Violet Kiteway

The older of the two Kiteway daughters, Violet is ever causing mayhem. She has a blog, and is usually causing her dad some public trouble. She helped us snitch on Aiko, and no she is NOT dating Kurt.

Scarlett Kiteway

Scarlett is the younger, more naive of the two kiteway girls. She works at her college newspaper, and hopes to write for the Sentinel. Her boyfriend was Brede, and her favorite colour is Scarlet. She's been wandering around the countrside a while.


Pietro Salk

Former reporter for the Sentinel, and champion to the masses. He was ever on the cutting edge of whatever cause needed defending. And then he got too close to something too big.

Sylvia Salk

The Widow Salk, she seeks closure with her poor departed husband. She occaissionally updated her website:

The Academy

Kurt McAllister

Kurt is part of the Cube Retrieval Team at the Academy. Of course he's also a professor and researcher and all this. Generally he's a really great guy. He is, to be sure, one of the good guys.

Aiko Entrescore

Aiko may not be a good guy. Or maybe she is. Or maybe she's just really quiet. She's also on the Cube Retrieval Team. But she's a Reconstructionist, which makes some distrust her motives.

Isaac Cymbalisty

Academy Head Librarian. Somebody wanted him dead, but good. And not just for being creepy (Which he was, you know).

Anna Heath

Linguistics specialist at The Academy. Another Cube Retrieval Team refugee, and a close friend of Cymbalisty. She almost makes the guy sound .. nice. Weird. She seems pretty level headed. Until she stages a massive coup on the Police. Three children, one husband.

Cube Theft Suspects

Bernardo Holyoke

He was killed very early on, before his motives were known (and before he could spill the beans)!

Monica Grand

Pietro's Advisor, she was paid for a job: Help steal the cube. V killed her messily and brutally.


He's dangerous. He's killed before, and he will kill again.

The Third Power

They have operatives on Earth, they have operatives in Perplex City. They're an ancient society, of some sort, but what do they want?

Miranda Katsoulis

She has 3 or 4 identities at least. She killed Isaac Cymbalisty, she tried to kill Kurt. Eventually, she killed herself.


Henry Castille

The Great Great Grandson of Salvant Castille, he was a Major in the military.

Claire Castille

Henry's Daughter. She is "C" from the theft. She built the security device at Viendenbourg. She bugged Kurt's Key. She does have a way of getting around, doesnt she?

Allain Castille

Claire's Son. He is a sharp fellow who decides to go find his mother, in Anjsbourg.



Popular Musician who gave birth late last year to Allegra Melody.

Roll For Damage

A most excellent band (So we are told). Alejo Jackson is a very dedicated musician, while Keenan "KT" Thoreau is a bit more .. colorful. They supposedly have a drummer as well.


He couldn't sell his record in Perplex City, so what did he do? The only sane thing: Export it to Earth. Those wacky earthlings will listen to anything!!

Group Listings


People die all the time. We are mostly interested in the suspicious deaths, here.

Raul Levenay

Heir to the Levenay franchise, he died under mysterious circumstances. This appears to be entirely unrelated to the Cube Theft.

Fran Mendling

Deceased: 16-JAN-04 - The first deathin the cube mystery, and a victim of circumstance. She may have walked in on the Cube Theft Team as they were making good with their plan.

Bernardo Holyoke

Deceased: 25-APR-05 - He was part of the cube Theft team, and got greedy. His death appears to have been partly a warning, and partly a precautionary measure. He appears to have been a common thug whose eyes got a bit big, and was offed by V.

Pietro Salk

Deceased: 26-JUN-05 - Monica Grand approached him with information. She was scared, and he was a dashing reported. The scoop of a lifetime cost him his life.

Monica Grand

Deceased: 16-SEP-05 - She was very cool about the whole job. But she got freaked when Holyoke was killed. She ran to the press (see above), and that may not have been the wisest choice.

Isaac Cymbalisty

Deceased: 14-JAN-06 - He got too close. Violet wanted him to help translate some ancient pages, whose contents were quite sensitive to The Third Power (see Granier Diary).

Miranda Katsoulis

Deceased: 21-MAY-06 - She used the aliases Helen Gale, Jean Morgan, and Caroline. Were any of them really her? We may never know. She decieved us all, but especially Kurt.

Anna Heath

Deceased: 28-JUL-06 - Cube Retrieval Team member. Her death shocked everyone. She was a really good person who held everyone else together. What a senseless waste.  :(