Ascendancy Point Residents

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Ascendancy Point
Ascendancy point.jpg
Location Perplex City
Year Built 1996 (259 AC)
Height (m) 1,700
Height (ft) 5,577
Stories 170
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Over 1,300m and 170 stories tall, Ascendancy Point is the tallest building in Perplex City. Its height allows the millions of tourists it receives each year to take in the whole city. Known for its high-priced housing and expensive boutiques, the Point houses a variety of tenants, including private apartments, corporate headquarters, gardens, and more.

Ascendancy Point offers single, duplex, and triplex apartments with full amenities. It is estimated that approximately 2,050 individuals reside in these apartments. A failure in the Air Conditioning systems resulted in this partial listing of residents to be generated.


Ascendancy Point is the tallest, most prominant structure in Perplex City. The Building Maintenance: Air Conditioning simulator system yields a set of names, one at a time, when it crashes between 21:30 and 22:00 GMT (10:30pm and 11:00pm BST) on Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays. This set of names was discovered to be a list of residents within the Point. Theoretically there should be 50 names per floor and 41 floors, therefore 2050 names. Here is what the collective detectives have found:

The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

Sorted List

Address Unknown

Floor 170

Floor 169

Floor 168

Floor 167

Floor 166

Floor 165

Floor 164

Floor 163

Floor 162

Floor 161

Floor 160

Floor 159

Floor 158

Floor 157

Floor 156

Floor 155

Floor 154

Floor 153

Floor 152

Floor 151

Floor 150

Floor 149

Floor 148

Floor 147

Floor 146

Floor 145

Floor 144

Floor 143

Floor 142

Floor 141

Floor 140

Floor 139

Floor 138

Floor 137

Floor 136

Floor 135

Floor 134

Floor 133

Floor 132

Floor 131

Floor 130